David is offering to host classes on the Christian historical metanarrative, for local churches.

The classes start and end with the gospel; and are informal, conversational and collaborative.

The classes may be held as an intensive on one day, or over a series of weeks.


The metanarrative of the Bible, or Story (with a capital ‘S’), spans from:

Adam and “the fall,” through the long and winding story of Israel BC (including of Abraham, Moses, King David and the prophets), onto the dramatic events of Jesus’ ministry, and of the church launched on Easter morning, to today.

The Story can be summarised!

The summary is the gospel: that Jesus, the Jewish Messiah, who was crucified, buried and bodily raised from the dead, is Lord of heaven and earth.

Classes start with the gospel summary, and together, the gospel is expanded.  For example, members of the group contribute their understanding of the story of Abraham, and of Moses.  The facilitator simply keeps the group on track with the metanarrative.

The aim of the class is to reveal (and demonstrate) the truth of the gospel, and to encourage people in the good news and in deeper confidence in the gospel.

Further information and enquiries

Contact David for further information.