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Christian Origins and the Question of God

Wright, N.T. (1992). The New Testament and the people of God, Christian origins and the question of God, vol. 1. London: Fortress Press.


Part I, Introduction

  1. Christian Origins and the New Testament

Part II, Tools for the Task

  1. Knowledge: Problems and Varieties
  2. Literature, Story and the Articulation of Worldviews
  3. History and the First Century
  4. Theology, Authority and the New Testament

Part III, First-Century Judaism within the Graeco-Roman World

  1. The Setting and the Story
  2. The Developing Diversity
  3. Story, Symbol, Praxis: Elements of Israel’s Worldview
  4. The Beliefs of Israel
  5. The Hope of Israel

Part IV, The First Christian Century

  1. The Quest for the Kerygmatic Church
  2. Praxis, Symbol and Questions: Inside Early Christian Worldviews
  3. Stories in Early Christianity (1)
  4. Stories in Early Christianity (2)
  5. The Early Christians: A Preliminary Sketch

Part V, Conclusion

  1. The New Testament and the Question of God

Appendix: Chronological Chart of Second-Temple Jewish History and of Early Christianity

Wright, N.T. (1996). Jesus and the victory of God, Christian origins and the question of God, vol. 2. London: SPCK.


Part I, Introduction

  1. Jesus Then and Now
  2. Heavy Traffic on Wredebahn: The ‘New Quest’ Renewed?
  3. Back to the Future: The ‘Third Quest’
  4. Prodigals and Paradigms

Part II, Profile of a Prophet

  1. The Praxis of a Prophet
  2. Stories of the Kingdom (1): Announcement
  3. Stories of the Kingdom (2): Invitation, Welcome, Challenge and Summons
  4. Stories of the Kingdom (3): Judgment and Vindidcation
  5. Symbol and Controversy
  6. The Questions of the Kingdom

Part III, The Aims and Beliefs of Jesus

  1. Jesus and Israel: The Meaning of Messiahship
  2. The Reasons for Jesus’ Crucifixion
  3. The Return of the King

Part IV, Conclusion

  1. Results

Appendix: Kingdom of God in Early Christian Literature

Wright, N.T. (2003). Resurrection of the son of God, the, Christian origins and the question of God, vol. 3. London: SPCK.


Part I, Setting the Scene

  1. The Target and the Arrows
  2. Shadows, Souls and Where They Go: Life Beyond Death in Ancient Paganism
  3. Time to Wake Up (1): Death and Beyond in the Old Testament
  4. Time to Wake Up (2): Hope Beyond Death in Post-Biblical Judaism

Part II, Resurrection in Paul

  1. Resurrection in Paul (Outside the Corinthian Correspondence)
  2. Resurrection in Corinth (1): Introduction
  3. Resurrection in Corinth (2): The Key Passages
  4. When Paul Saw Jesus

Part III, Resurrection in Early Christianity (Apart from Paul)

  1. Hope Refocused (1): Gospel Traditions Outside the Easter Narratives
  2. Hope Refocused (2): Other New Testament Writings
  3. Hope Refocused (3): Non-Canonical Early Christian Texts
  4. Hope in Person: Jesus as Messiah and Lord

Part IV, The Story of Easter

  1. General Issues in the Easter Stories
  2. Fear and Trembling: Mark
  3. Earthquakes and Angels: Matthew
  4. Burning Hearts and Broken Bread: Luke
  5. New Day, New Tasks: John

Part V, Belief, Event and Meaning

  1. Easter and History
  2. The Risen Jesus as the Son of God

Wright, N.T. (2013). Paul and the faithfulness of God, Christian origins and the question of God, vol. 4. London: SPCK.


Part I, Paul and His World

  1. Return of the Runaway?
  2. Like Birds Hovering Overhead: the Faithfulness of the God of Israel
  3. Athene and Her Owl: the Wisdom of the Greeks
  4. A Cock for Asclepius: ‘Religion’ and ‘Culture’ in Paul’s World
  5. The Eagle Has Landed: Rome and the Challenge of Empire

The Mindset of the Apostle

  1. A Bird in the Hand? The Symbolic Praxis of Paul’s World
  2. The Plot, the Plan and the Storied Worldview
  3. Five Signposts to the Apostolic Mindset

Paul’s Theology

  1. The One God of Israel, Freshly Reworked
  2. The People of God, Freshly Reworked
  3. God’s Future for the World, Freshly Imagined

Paul in History

  1. The Lion and the Eagle: Paul in Caesar’s Empire
  2. A Different Sacrifice: Paul and ‘Religion’
  3. The Foolishness of God: Paul among the Philosophers
  4. To Know the Place for the First Time: Paul and His Jewish Context
  5. Signs of the New Creation: Paul’s Aims and Achievements

Biblical Theology

Wright, N.T. (1986). Paul, Jesus & the faith of Israel. [Sound Recording]. Regent-Audio.

Wright, N.T. (1990). Philippians, the Lordship of Christ & the hope of the Church. [Sound Recording]. Regent-Audio.

Wright, N.T. (1993). Romans in a week. [Sound Recording]. Regent-Audio.

Wright, N.T. (1997). What St Paul really said. Oxford: Lion Hudson.

Wright, N.T. (1998). Jesus and the Kingdom of God. [Sound Recording]. Regent-Audio.

Wright, N.T. (2003). Creation and new creation in the New Testament. [Sound Recording]. Regent-Audio.

Wright, N.T. (2005). Paul: fresh perspectives. London: SPCK.


Wright, N.T. (1988). The Interpretation of the New Testament, 1861 – 1986. Oxford: OUP.

Wright, N.T. (1992). New tasks for a renewed church. London: Hodder and Stoughton.
(also updated as: Wright, N.T. (2017). Spiritual and religious. London: SPCK.)

Wright, N.T. (2011). The New Testament for everyone / translated by Tom Wright. London: SPCK.


Wright, N.T. (1996). The Lord and his prayer. London: SPCK.

Wright, N.T. (2002). The meal Jesus gave us. Louisville, KY: Westminster John Knox Press

Wright, N.T. (2003). For all the saints? Remembering the Christian departed. Harrisburg, PA: Moorhouse

Wright, N.T. (2005). Scripture and the authority of God. London: SPCK.

Wright, N.T. (2006). Evil and the justice of God. London: SPCK.

Wright, N.T. (2006). Evil. [DVD recording]. IVP Connect.

Wright, N.T. (2006). Resurrection. [DVD recording]. IVP Connect.

Wright, N.T. (2006). Simply Christian. London: SPCK.

Wright, N.T. (2009). Surprised by hope: Rethinking heaven, the resurrection, and the mission of the church. New York, NY: HarperCollins.

Wright, N.T. (2009). Justification : God’s plan and Paul’s vision. London: SPCK.

Wright, N.T. (2010). Surprised by hope. [DVD recording]. London: Zondervan.

Wright, N.T. (2016). The day the revolution began. London: SPCK.

Wright, N.T. (2018). Paul: a biography. New York, NY: HarperOne.


Wright, N.T. (1986). The Epistles of Paul to the Colossians and to Philemon : an introduction and commentary. Leicester, England : Inter-Varsity Press

Wright, N.T. (1993). The climax of the covenant : Christ and the law in Pauline theology. Minneapolis, MN: Fortress.



  1. Christ, the Law, and ‘Pauline Theology’

Part I, Studies in Paul’s Christology

  1. Adam, Israel and the Messiah
  2. Χριστός as ‘Messiah’ in Paul: Philemon 6
  3. Jesus Christ is Lord: Philippians 2.5-11
  4. Poetry and Theology in Colossians 1:15-20
  5. Monotheism, Christology and Ethics: 1 Corinthians 8

Part Two: Paul and the Law

  1. Curse and Covenant: Galatians 3.10-14
  2. The Seed and the Mediator: Galatians 3.15-20
  3. Reflected Glory: 2 Corinthians 3
  4. The Vindication of the Law: Narrative Analysis and Romans 8.1-11
  5. The Meaning of περὶ ἁμαρτίας in Romans 8.3
  6. Echoes of Cain in Romans 7

Conclusion: The Climax of the Covenant

  1. Christ, the Law and the People of God: the Problem of Romans 9-11
  2. The Nature of Pauline Theology

Wright, N.T. (2002). The letter to the Romans, in The New Interpreters Bible (Vol. X, pp. 393 – 770). Nashville, TN: Abingdon Press.

Wright, N.T. (2004). Mark for everyone. London: SPCK.

Wright, N.T. (2004). Paul for everyone: Romans. London: SPCK.

Wright, N.T. (2004). Paul for everyone: 1 Corinthians. London: SPCK.

Wright, N.T. (2004). Paul for everyone: 2 Corinthians. London: SPCK.

Wright, N.T. (2013). Pauline Perspectives. Minneapolis, MN: Fortress Press.


Part I, Oxford and Cambridge

  1. The Paul of History and the Apostle of Faith (1978)
  2. Justification: The Biblical Basis and Its Relevance for Contemporary Evangelicalism (1980)
  3. Godliness and Good Learning: Cranfield’s Romans (1980)
  4. A New Tübingen School? Ernst Kasemann and His Commentary on Romans (1982)
  5. On Becoming the Righteousness of God: 2 Corinthians 5.21 (1993)

Part II, Lichfield and Westminster

  1. Gospel and Theology in Galatians (1994)
  2. Romans and the Theology of Paul (1995)
  3. Two Radical Jews: A Review Article of Daniel Boyarin, A Radical Jew: Paul and the Politics of Identity (1996)
  4. The Law in Romans 2 (1996)
  5. Paul, Arabia and Elijah (Galatians 1.17) (1996)
  6. New Exodus, New Inheritance: The Narrative Substructure of Romans 3-8 (1999)
  7. Paul’s Gospel and Caesar’s Empire (2000)
  8. The Letter to the Galatians: Exegesis and Theology (2000)
  9. The Shape of Justification (2001)
  10. Coming Home to St Paul? Reading Romans a Hundred Years After Charles Gore (2002)
  11. Paul and Caesar: A New Reading of Romans (2002)
  12. Communion and Koinonia: Pauline Reflections on Tolerance and Boundaries (2002)

Part III, Durham

  1. New Perspectives on Paul (2003)
  2. Redemption from the New Perspective? Towards a Multi-layered Pauline Theology of the Cross (2004)
  3. Paul as Preacher: The Gospel Then and Now (2007)
  4. 4QMMT and Paul: Justification, ‘Works’ and Eschatology (2006)
  5. Reading Paul, Thinking Scripture: ‘Atonement’ as a Special Study (2007)
  6. Christ in You, the Hope of Glory’ (Colossians 1.27): Eschatology in St Paul (2008)
  7. Romans 9-11 and the ‘New Perspective’ (2009)
  8. Whence and Whither Pauline Studies in the Life of the Church? (2010)
  9. Justification: Yesterday, Today and For Ever (2010)
  10. Paul and Empire (2010)

Part IV, St Andrews

  1. Mind, Spirit, Soul and Body: All for One and One for All- Reflections on Paul’s Anthropology in His Complex Contexts (2011)
  2. Paul in Current Anglophone Scholarship (2012)
  3. Romans 2:17–3:9: A Hidden Clue to the Meaning of Romans? (2012)
  4. Messiahship in Galatians? (2012)
  5. Israel’s Scriptures in Paul’s Narrative Theology (2012)
  6. Paul and the Patriarch: The Role(s) of Abraham in Galatians and Romans (2013)


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