As we better understand Jesus and the first century, we can better understand today.

David has specialised in storied Biblical theology (see also Resources), and Professor N.T. Wright’s work in particular (see also Resources by N.T. Wright).

Professor N.T. Wright’s work is part of a fresh paradigm on Paul, informed by historical research. Through this work, people have a much better understanding of the first century.

David’s research is informed by this work:


David released The Introduction of Romans, Refreshed in June, 2020.
(He is currently working on a second edition, expanding the same basic argument.)

“In Rom 1:14-17, Paul re-expresses the ancient Hab 2:4 prophetic vision, which was about the distant future, as rather an historical ‘vision’ unfolding in his own personal and historical context.”

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Current research

David is currently working on a second edition of The Introduction of Romans, Refreshed.

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