The Biblical story

God has a long-term plan, well underway

God called Abraham to undo the sin of Adam and Eve.

What is the Biblical story?

The story or “metanarrative”, is the consistent and basic story across the many books of the Bible.

Understanding the key moments and themes of the story, leads to the historical tension of God’s covenant faithfulness in the 1st century.

The tension of God’s covenant faithfulness

God called Abraham to undo the sin of Adam, and had made substantial promises to him.  Yet in the 1st century, his own people were oppressed and subject to the nations.

The Jewish people wanted God to act.  But the Jewish people had been part of the problem.  What was God up to?

Jesus’ ministry took place in this tension.

Conversation in theology

Through Conversation, David develops and communicates the tension of God’s covenant faithfulness in the first century.

In Jesus ministry, and in his death, burial and bodily resurrection, we can see God’s answer.

The gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John are set in this time.

Yesterday, and today

As we better understand the first century, we can better understand today.  Including the themes of creation and new creation, past and present.

The long history of the church, animated by Holy Spirit over hundreds and hundreds of years, matters.

And God’s long-term plan continues through to this day, and stretching ahead.


Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash