The Biblical story

God has a long-term plan, well underway

God called Abraham to undo the sin of Adam and Eve.

What is the Biblical story?

The story includes:

  • God’s pattern of selectivity: God selected Isaac and not Ishmael, Jacob and not Esau.
  • Moses and the Torah.
  • The promise of blessings, and of curses. (e.g. Deuteronomy 28.)
  • The golden age of King David, and his radical sin.
  • The long period of exile and the murder of the prophets.

Understanding the key moments and themes, leads to the tension of God’s covenant faithfulness in the 1st century.

The tension of God’s covenant faithfulness

God called Abraham and had made substantial promises to him, yet in the 1st century, his people were oppressed and subject to the nations.

The Jewish people wanted God to act.  But the Jewish people had been part of the problem.  What was God to do?

Jesus’ ministry took place in this tension.

Conversation in theology

Through conversation, David develops the tension of God’s covenant faithfulness in the first century.

What was God to do?  In Jesus ministry, and in his death, burial and bodily resurrection, we can see God’s answer.

The gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John describe this time.

As we better understand yesterday, we can better understand today:

The Christian church has continued to grow for 2,000 years.  (There are about two billion members, today.)

Jesus’ church and Holy Spirit continue to extend grace, with peace from God.

God has a long-term plan, well underway


Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash