Theologian N.T. Wright defines the word ‘transphysical’ in his tome on the Resurrection:

“The ‘trans’ is intended as a shortening of ‘transformed.’  ‘Transphysical’ is not meant to describe in detail what sort of a body it was that the early Christians supposed Jesus already had, and believed that they themselves would eventually have.  Nor indeed does it claim to explain how such a thing can come to be.  It merely, but I hope usefully, puts a label on the demonstrable fact that the early Christians envisaged a body which was still robustly physical but also significantly different from the present one.  If anything – since the main difference they seem to have envisaged is that the new body will not be corruptible – we might say not that it will be less physical, as though it were some kind of ghost or apparition, but more.  ‘Not unclothed, but more fully clothed.'” (Wright, N.T., 2003, pp. 477-478)


Wright, N. T. (Nicholas Thomas) (2003).  The resurrection of the son of God.  Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, London