On theology as a Christian construct

“Jewish writers have often commented that ‘theology’, as that word is now understood, is largely a Christian construct, and they are right, for just this reason: that a fresh, reflective understanding of God, the world, the human race, and so on grew and developed to fill the vacuum left by the departing symbols of Judaism.”  (Wright, N.T., 2013, p. 403)

“In fact, one of the extraordinary achievements of Paul was to turn ‘theology’ into a different kind of thing from what it had been in the world either of the Jews or of the pagans.  One of the central arguments of the present book is that this was the direct result and corollary of what had happened to Paul’s worldview.  Paul effectively invented ‘Christian theology’ to meet a previously unknown need, to do a job which had not, until then, been necessary.”  (Wright, N.T., 2012, p. 26) [Italics original]


Wright, N. T. (Nicholas Thomas) (2013). Paul and the faithfulness of God. London Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge