David’s background

2001 to 2008

David read theology between 2001 to 2008, and completed a Graduate Diploma of Theology in 2007.


David became a Christian in 2001, partway through the Commerce and Information Systems double-degree at The University of Melbourne
He was a software architect (trading as Little Systems), and an instrumental music teacher at the time.


David tutored with The University of Melbourne, Department of Information Systems and was a Resident Advisor with University College.

He studied moral philosophy, psychology, Spanish, creative writing and history of religion as electives.


Upon graduation in mid-2003, David relocated to Spain temporarily.
He visited London and toured Spain, and attended a major anti-war protest in Madrid – ‘no, no, no a la guerra, no’.

He then returned to Melbourne early, where he could spend more time in research.


David read much of the Bible and studied general knowledge, philosophy (Plato), the history of war finance, and 20th century politics.

He also worked part-time time in economics research with BHP Billiton.


David worked as a Lead Tenant with a charity and took actor training short courses with the VCA.

He researched the shape of leadership across time, and studied Shakespeare’s plays and the history of empire.  (See also Resources.)


David studied N.T. Wright‘s Romans commentary in depth. (See also Resources.)


David completed the Graduate Diploma of Theology with Tabor Victoria (now Eastern College). He also developed the DramaBody immersive Christian theatre company at this time.


David read N.T. Wright‘s tome on the resurrection and integrated this with his prior learning.

Through reading, research and reflection, David developed a ‘revelation’ of Jesus Christ across time and history.
(See also Research.)

2009 onward


David became a congregation member at St Paul’s Cathedral Anglican, Melbourne in 2009.

In 2011, he traveled to New Jersey, USA and discovered Hoboken, New York City and the Newark School of Theology.
He returned again in 2017 and 2018.

In 2018, David lived in Leeds, Yorkshire, UK and fellowshipped with Glory Fire Church (now King of Kings Church).

In 2018, David also began Research and writing on Romans 1.

In 2019, he began hosting Worship Events in Port Melbourne.

He has a heart for life, education and worship in the United States.

See also About David.